ASAP Group can accommodate any shoring project including Installation, Procurement, Engineering, and Design. With multiple in-house Professional Engineers (P.E.), our design software, and our patented technology, we can accommodate the most complex projects, from a small seawall to large infrastructure projects.

Working closely together with our customers as a specialty subcontractor and having a flexible approach makes us a valued business partner. Starting in the design phase of our projects, we present innovative shoring solutions that we execute in a highly effective and efficient manor in the construction process.

Core Services

  • Engineering & Design

    With multiple in-house Professional Engineers and our design software, we are able to value engineer, produce shop drawings, and also have CSI/ change order support.

  • Earth Retention

    Plan, design, and implementation of earth retention and specialty foundation systems including soldier beams, post-tensioned tiebacks, soil nails, permanent CIP facing, bracing system, rafters, and helical anchors.

  • Specialized Foundations

    We provide innovative construction techniques using micropiles and a complete foundation service that includes helical piles and underpining.


  • Buildings

    Commercial, Office, Residential Buildings | Hospitals | Parking Garages | Hotels | Retail | Stadiums

  • Industrial

    Energy | Bridges | Ports | Airports | Canals | Rail Roads | Marinas

  • Infrastructure

    Roads | Bridges | Ports | Airports | Canals | Rail | Roads | Marinas