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Engineering & Design

Engineering that deals with the design, construction & maintenance of the naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, buildings and more.

Sheet Piling, Silent Press, Tie Rods & Deadman

Sheet pile walls are most often used to retain either soil or water. The construction industry preferred sheet pile material steel due to its structural properties and durability. Silent Press allows for the installation and extraction of sheet piles in tight areas while eliminating vibrations and noise. Tie rods are often used in steel structures, such as bridges, industrial buildings, tanks, towers, and cranes.

Earth Retention

Practice of stabilizing soil and rock as a part of an excavation process using several retaining systems to provide additional stability. This process can be either permanent or temporary.

Specialized Foundations

High performance, high capacity drilled deep foundation elements that can extend to depths of 200 feet and achieve working loads of over 200 tons.


Pressure grouting, embedding rebar in masonry walls, connecting sections of pre-cast concrete, filling voids and sealing joints

Ground Improvement Tie Rods

Techniques used for reducing liquefaction hazards is to avoid large increases in pore water pressure during earthquake shaking.

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Why us?

“We thank you guys for your excellent work on this project and look forward to working with you again on the next one”

“The ASAP Installations team was instrumental in a quick overall foundation experience in the Royal Caribbean headquarters project. The ASAP Installations teams installed several hundred feet of site perimeter sheet piling to protect neighboring properties from undermining during excavation as well as two large coffer cells for deep foundations. The manner in which their work was executed was safe and expedient. ASAP team members such as Kerry and Rafael assisted us along th e way during decision making and installation.”

“As Executive Vice President of John Moriarty and Associates of Florida, Inc., it is my pleasure to recommend ASAP Installations to you. I have had the pleasure of working with them on and off for the past 8 years. The company offers top-notch quality and service. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work. ASAP has provided the Sheet Pile and temporary shoring and Engineering for several of our high-end projects.”